I feel bad, I feel good

I’ve caught a cold– last night my nose started running (it has a curious response: "Oh no a germ getitoutgetitoutGETITOUTaaaaAAahh") and today I’m feeling kind of cruddy. J and I went to lift this morning and I kept up fine, even adding a rep to the bench press sets and doing pullups and shoulder raises on the machine (those have gotten much easier! of course they have– have you seen my deltoids lately?) But afterward I started to do some yoga to stretch out a bit– my usual sun salutation series– and by the time I got to Warrior 2 on the second side I just hit a wall and ran out of gas. I tried to keep going– "devotional warrior? I can do that… ummm… triangle? I like that one… oh jeez"– but eventually I gave up, panting and about to fall over. Honoring my body today means NO MORE.

I used to bring my own lunch to work all the time, but lately my food-making hasn’t kept up and I’ve been going to the cafeteria salad bar or grabbing a sandwich (adequate enough, if expensive in the long run). This week, though, I cooked a second dinner on Tuesday when it was my turn to cook and committed to taking lunch. Now my lunches aren’t anything fancy or healthish– today was leftover Japanese curry with potatoes and onions, rice, and a beef/green bean/noodle concoction, it’s usually just a protein+carb+veg template– but it is amazing how much better I feel after eating food I’ve brought. Plus, I feel a little better about not throwing away cartons and wrappers– I just take dishes back home to wash up. :)

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