Data junkie

Today I aimed at 4 miles and made it without too much pain and suffering. I took a short walking break after 2 miles (and loosened my shoes) and another shorter one after 3.25, and I finished in 52 minutes. Everything was pretty good, aside from a couple naggy shoe problems: I started getting a fold-y feeling in my feet (the way I do when my shoes are too narrow), and there was a change in materials in the side-toe area that rubbed a nice raw spot. But cardio-ly it wasn’t bad. I need to remember to bring water when I’ve got a longer run planned.

My partner came home with one of those finger-clip heart rate/O2Sat sensors. My resting heart rate is around 65 now, indicating a pretty good fitness level. Last time I went to the doctor (it was an allergist) he took my blood pressure and pulse and looked at me funny. (Fat woman sitting on the exam table, right?) "Your heart rate is very slow." Nod. "You must exercise a lot." Nod. I need to borrow the sensor next time I go out for a run and see what happens. (I like data, can you tell?)

I bought a ridiculously-expensive-but-effective pair of orthotic flipflops to help out with my arch/plantar fascia issues, and I sometimes wear them around the office as recovery shoes on long run days. (My office hasn’t got a dress code, though we usually stick to the casual side of business casual.) I was in the front office talking to someone and my boss’s boss walked in, exclaimed, "She’s not wearing shoes!" and said I was making her feel cold. I apologized and went to put my normal shoes back on, grumbling. They’re just for inside! I put socks and shoes on when I go out.

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