Quick Holiday Update

Happy holidays, folks!  I just got home from spending a week visiting my family in my ancestral homeland, and let me just say that I am so done with traveling right now.  Home feels weird– well yeah, I’ve only spent half the month here!  Plus I think everyone I know is sick– my partner is laid up with the flu and a nasty fever (I’m hoping my vaccination works and I don’t catch it myself), I have a cold, and my parents had some stomach bug that I think I dodged. Luckily I have a couple more days until I have to show up at the office so I hope to be well by then.

I was hoping to get some nice runs in over Christmas week, but I only managed one, on Christmas Eve, and that was only 2 miles crammed in before heading out to visit relatives.  I tried to do yoga once too, but my parents’ dog decided that was a very good time to pester me (yes, person on floor means play time, I know).  I wanted to take the dog out for a run, but 18-degree weather and an inconvenient blizzard meant that wasn’t going to happen either!  So, it was mostly a wash as far as exercise goes, but I’m calling it rest and gearing up for getting back into the groove this coming week.

This coming week will mean dealing with the hordes of New Years’ Resolution-ers, but so it goes!  Speaking of the gym… oops, maybe I do need to go to the office tomorrow– I forgot to renew my membership and it’ll expire…

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