Sorting out

I feel like someone unhooked all my bones and muscles, shook them around some, then put them back together– and not very well.  Why am I so sore, and in such odd places?  Anyway, a bit of yoga helped at least to get my blood flowing, something nice with lots of gentle backbends and twists to help the rubber bands get stretchy again.  It felt nice (despite the persistent hamstring cramps– what the heck).

I’m a pretty non-confrontational person.  It’s sort of a guiding life philosophy: Don’t get involved in conflict if you don’t have to.  The stress is never worth the momentary gratification of telling someone off.  Fair enough, but then how do I deal with it when someone shows off startling ignorance?  Let’s face it, it can’t be a teachable moment every time.

Well, at least there’s one good rule I can follow: Never wade into other people’s Facebook messes.

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