I’m still sore and weird and runny-nose. Maybe my body is fighting off a bug? Anyway, I resolved to actually listen to my body today when I went to the gym– and it said "heeey take it down a notch would ya?" So I did.

I decided my legs felt okay enough to run, so I pushed myself through a mile (it was a fast one, at least) and then stopped to walk and evaluate. I wound up running another half mile but finally said that was enough, and rounded the workout off with 10 minutes on the elliptical. Afterwards I got a good stretch in and hit the showers (a nice hot shower felt fantastic).

I don’t think I’ve written about my new sports bra yet? I’m actually surprised at how well I like it. When I went to buy my new shoes, I asked about sports bras too and wound up going home with a Moving Comfort Fiona. Usually I like all kinds of underwire and structure and this was just a simple compression bra, so I was skeptical– but after I put it on and jumped around a lot and nothing moved, I decided it was worth a try. Well, basically I’ve chucked my old, chafing underwire sports bras in the bin, because this one’s great. Somehow it does a really good job of keeping my chest lifted and unbouncy– it’s like anti-gravity. It comes in sizes 30B-44DD; the 36DD fits me perfectly. (It helps that my cup size has shrunken of late; I’m afraid this review is not useful for folks bustier than DD.)

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