Twofer Thursday

I missed my run yesterday (I was working at home, and it was raining and yucky out… excuses!) so I went down to the gym early today and made it up– 25 minutes, so 2 miles and some change. After that it was time to lift weights. Thankfully, I’m less sore today than I was on Wednesday (boy, was I sore). I did a full rotation of lifts, including leg work that I’ve been neglecting– squats, leg press, calf press. My left knee has been weird again, and while doing squats I felt something going on in my quad on that side, pulling on my kneecap. I guess I’ll have to hang out with that, keep working and stretching it, and see what happens.

I’ve started getting a big kick out of wandering out of the cubby of the weight room with my big ol’ bicep curl dumbells and doing the curls in the sightline of the skinny ladies congregated around the front desk. I mean, no one cares, but I get tired of hiding in the back of the room. (That lift’s the only one I can walk around during, anyway.) My body’s going to be transgressive whether I hide or not, so I might as well show off those guns I’ve worked so hard on.

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