Rainy day variety

The weather was cruddy today and I was home, so I made do with indoor workouts: yoga in the morning, and a bit of Dance Central in the evening.  (Because it’s fun, darn it.)

I haven’t gotten bored of my favorite YouTube yoga practice, despite having done it about a billion times over the past year.  (Really, I ought to just buy her DVD!)  I think I know why…  So today was a Good Yoga Day; things were bendy and I could balance in Warrior 3 easily and working on my edge was a little farther out, and I felt like the practice accommodated that.  I also have days that are Not Good Yoga Days, and the practice also supports that– there are plenty of places to back off, modify, cut out.  I can stay in bridge rather than moving on to wheel; I can do knees-chest-chin instead of chaturanga; I can skip the twist after pigeon.  Because it’s so flexible, I almost always feel accomplished afterwards!

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1 Response to Rainy day variety

  1. Tori says:

    I love video practices — and classes, but especially video practices (since I’m likely to repeat them) — like that.

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