Be smart, get a spotter

I’ve designated Tuesday to be the "Upper Body and Core" lifting day. (If I save the lower body work for Thursday, at least I know I won’t be sore for running on Wednesday, though I probably will be on Friday.) I started off early with a quick little progression run (starting fast, and turning up the treadmill 0.1mph every 0.1 mile) and then it was time for lifting. Lifts today felt hard and by the end of the sets I was tired; I considered skipping stretching and just having a nap instead.

I’ve been able to manage my bench presses without a spotter (it’s stupid, I know) but today in my second rep I had a scary moment where I very nearly didn’t get the bar back onto the rack. (Yes, very very stupid.) Something wasn’t right; the plates on the bar felt wobbly even though they were tightly clipped on. I think next Thursday I’ll have to ask J for a spot; he’s happy to help but I hate to bother him with it.

I use one of those Nike+ doohickums to keep track of my pace and distance and I can’t tell if the battery’s starting to go in the sensor or if I just need to recalibrate it. Now that I’m running a bit faster, it’s diverging a lot from my actual speed (and let me tell you, I wanted to throw the darn thing at the wall when I was running at a 10 minute mile pace and it was telling me I was running at 12:45.) Bah, technology!

Speaking of Nike products, my partner got one of those FuelBand things for Christmas. I sort of hate the idea of them, or maybe just the way they’re marketed– I feel like they could be really terrible for people for people with eating disorders or exercise compulsion, since even the name "FuelBand" suggests that you can’t eat until you hit your goal for the day. (Why’d they have to call it "fuel" anyway? Movement is output, it’s the opposite of fuel.) But it has been really fun to watch him start flailing around the living room as bedtime approaches and he hasn’t hit his goal yet.

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5 Responses to Be smart, get a spotter

  1. Azzah says:

    I just found your blog and can I just say I am soooo inspired! You are amazing! I used to be scared of running. i was always scare of injuring my joints, hurting my knees and all that stuff they say running may do. Now I have begun the couch to 5k and am loving it!! I’m definitely going to be following your blog. Thanks for being an inspiration

    • G says:

      Aww, thanks! That’s very kind of you to say. :) I hope you have fun with couch to 5k– come back and tell me how how it works out for you! Good luck!

  2. gaayathri says:

    I have (very stupidly I might add) trapped myself under the bar while benching not once but twice. In general I think it is ok to bench without a spotter if it is a weight you have lifted before, but if it isn’t then care is definitely needed! (Formerly Asubjectivity hi!)

    • G says:

      Hi! :) That would be totally terrifying to me– I’m glad you got out of it okay. Yeah, I usually have a good sense of how much I can handle but that day it just got away from me… better safe than sorry, especially as I work up to higher weights.

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