Two’s company

My partner and I both had the day off today, and we spent the day together running errands and jeans shopping (quelle horreur).  Once we got home it was getting sort of dark and cold and you know it’s Monday and I ought to run but enhhh (this is why I run in the morning– I’m much more likely to feel lazy later in the day!)

However, my partner got a shiny new kick scooter for Christmas (yes, a 30-some-year-old man on a scooter, don’t judge, he has so much fun with it) and we’d talked about going out for a run/scoot together so the inertia of that novel idea got us out the door.  He gave me a look when I explained I was going to run 3 miles over hilly terrain, but was game for the whole thing.

So, I ran and he scooted–  it was mostly along the lines of him zooming past me on the downhill parts and me catching up with him as he walked back uphill.  38 minutes later we were back at home with the accomplishment of a workout well done.  (He was surprised that he’d nearly doubled his Nike Fuel goal for the day.)

It was cold out so I wore my running tights– they are The. Best. Thing.  I was neither cold nor hot once I got going– really, I ought to run outside in the cold more often!  It was great to not have to deal with being hot and sweaty, and my body didn’t have to spend energy trying hard to cool itself so my run felt better and easier.

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2 Responses to Two’s company

  1. Azzah says:

    It is soooo strange u was just contemplating going for a walk/run and I really didnt want to go at all! But I saw your post and now I’m getting ready to go!! Thanks for the motivation!!!!

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