Struggling with scheduling

This new 5k training schedule collides with my weightlifting schedule: Tuesdays are intervals/tempo runs. Today I did 4x400m intervals, which (including warmup and cooldown) took nearly 30 minutes. After all that, I just did the dumbbell lifts and went to stretch. Thursdays are open so I can manage a full lifting workout that day, but I’m just going to have to accept that for the next two months I’ll have to slack a bit on my lifting, unless I want to spend over an hour in the gym on Tuesdays.

The intervals themselves went okay– I ran them at 6-6.5 mph, which is quite fast for me. Naturally my shoe sensor said I was running slower. Oh well– I know how fast I was going (roughly, anyway) and that’s good enough for me.

The first week of this training is supposed to have me running about 13.5 miles. That’s… quite a jump, when I’ve been averaging 6-9 miles a week. The 5 mile long run on the weekend is supposed to be an easy, fun run so I might cut it back a bit this week or even just go for a walk. It’s better to start slow and stay healthy than to do too much too fast and wind up with an injury…

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2 Responses to Struggling with scheduling

  1. Caitlin says:

    Balancing running and weightlifting is consistently an issue for me. I’ll do legs for the first time in a few weeks and then I can’t run for two days because the DOMS is so bad, so I don’t do legs for a few weeks, which means that when I do them again the DOMS is a problem, and so on and so forth. Like you I had to accept that one thing was going to take precedence over the other. It’s a bummer though.

    • G says:

      Yes, that’s totally it! I can’t do them enough to keep soreness at bay, because then I have to cut back on running. It’s very frustrating! Oh well, just these 2 months and then I can switch focus again :)

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