Cold, sore and numb?

The cold snap that’s hit most of this quadrant of the US is chilling (heh) out in my neighborhood today– it’s just barely 20ºF and supposedly there’s snow on the way?  I’d be okay with snow.  But today I had a 3 mile run scheduled and no treadmill handy so I was facing down the great, cold outdoors.

I knew I had the gear to handle the weather; that wasn’t really a problem.  But my legs were super sore– my calves and quads still aren’t used to running so much.  So between those two things I was reluctant to go.  But a kind soul on Tumblr encouraged me, and I decided to make a little bargain with myself– I would run not 3 miles but 2.5, and I would take it easy and give my legs breaks if they needed it.

So I bundled up and headed out.  I wish the terrain around my house was flat!  Fighting with hills wasn’t really what I had in mind.  After 5 or 10 minutes I warmed up and it wasn’t so uncomfortable, and I ran on.  But at about the 2 mile mark my left foot fell asleep– hard.  Usually I can wiggle my toes around or walk for a bit and get some feeling back, but this time it was like running on a brick no matter what I did.  I walked and waited, but as the end of my run approached I finally just started running again (hoping not to hurt my numb foot, or fall on my face).  I finished the 2.5 miles and stopped at a stoplight to cross the street– and then I could feel my foot again.  What the heck!

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