Pure lifting

Today’s workout– my only pure lifting workout of the week– was precious and I made it count! I stuck to upper body and core work, since my legs are awfully sore thanks to all the running lately. (However– knock wood– they’re not that bad! I am sore but not hobbling. This may change after a day of sitting at my desk, though… I should probably switch to standing up after lunch.)

I lifted as heavy as I could handle (no ‘take it easy’ today!) and I think I hit all the good stuff. I figured out how to rig up the weighted pulley machine to do oblique work but it’s so awkward. I’m still having to work hard to isolate the muscles, and the whole point was to make it a little less focus-intensive. I guess there’s just no straightforward way to hit those.

Poor J. After the workout we were stretching and I’m afraid I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction– my workout pants don’t like to stay up so I mooned him a bit trying to do seated forward fold (thank goodness for high-waisted undies, I suppose). I can only hope that he wasn’t looking. Too-big drawstring pants + sticky mats = a bit too much exposure.

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