Sockless and numb

I took my sore legs to the gym this morning, but I forgot socks.  I packed up my gym bag the night before, and I asked myself about 5 times, “Did I forget anything? I think I forgot something…” But I insisted to myself that I had it all– except I was wrong.  Anyway, 3 sockless miles left me with some nice raw spots and blisters.  My left foot fell asleep again, too, despite stopping and loosening the laces of my shoe.

I wrote a big long Livejournal-ish story about my experiences with dieting through my life.  I’m still mulling it over and smoothing out some rough spots, but hopefully I’ll be able to share how much stepping off the dieting wagon changed my life.  It’s full of detail, so I’m trying to balance the poignancy and overshare. :)

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4 Responses to Sockless and numb

  1. Tori says:

    Just for clarification, I am “liking” the fact that you wrote your story, not necessarily your blisters.

  2. anna says:

    Hello! Sorry, just reading through your blog, adding comments to old posts. I am really really enjoying it!

    I know this is from a few months back, but are you still having trouble with foot falling asleep, blisters, and ankle dodgyness? I found those barefoot running shoes really helped me out on all of those fronts and helped the stabiliser muscles, but it did also shorten my stride and i know everyone’s not a fan of them. Just thought I’d mention it. But I know they are not for everyone and I am not trying to be all up in your blog being a wanker.

    I am the worst at writing comments. You’re awesome and i enjoy your blog.

    • G says:

      Hi anna! I tried barefoot shoes for a good long time– I really wanted to like them, but alas, my calves never really caught up with that desire and I went back to squishy shoes, which have worked pretty okay (despite my whining on this blog). Ah well!

      Thanks for reading! :)

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