Lift; cook; repeat!

I had some public transportation issues getting in to work today but arrived just in time to meet J and head to the gym, so it worked out okay. My legs are very sore from yesterday’s squats adventures so I stuck to mostly upper-body work but threw myself into it with gusto, bumping up some weights and pushing myself extra hard. Afterward, I spent some time with the foam roller and J remarked, “That looks like it hurts.” I replied, “It’s the good kind of pain. You should try it!” (As I tried not to make pained noises, rolling out my quads.)

One of my goals for this year was to expand my cooking repertoire a bit– I had compiled a list of recipes to test and now I’ve tested them all, so here’s some I liked!

African Beef and Peanut Stew
This is a tasty and easy recipe. I added a cut-up sweet potato to the stew, which turned out really nice. It could use a bit more spice for my taste (all the spices, not just the cayenne). I’ve been eating the leftovers over rice for work lunches all week, and I served it with sauteed spinach.

Cornmeal Waffles with Cheddar, Chipotle and Scallions
I read the recipe and drooled, so I gathered up the ingredients and dusted off my poor underused waffle maker. Making the batter was a disaster, but it wasn’t the recipe’s fault– I wasn’t really prepared, and wound up shredding string cheese (have you ever done this? it’s not fun) because my cheese had gone moldy. Once I had it all together, and my waffle iron was nice and hot (the first one never comes out, does it) it went smoothly. Since I was cooking for 2, I halved the recipe (“We won’t eat 8 waffles!”) but it really only made 2 waffles + 1 mangled one so we supplemented the waffles with other leftovers. The waffles themselves were tasty– lots of crispy cheesy bits– and I ate mine with salsa.

Georgian Kidney Bean Stew with Herbs and Walnuts
This was the most complicated of the recipes I tried, and probably wouldn’t be suited for palates that don’t like Eastern European vinegary food, but I liked it– plus it’s vegan, and extremely inexpensive to make. I made it with dried beans, and FOR ONCE they cooked up soft and nice, but it took a whole day of soaking and cooking. I didn’t add the fresh herbs but followed the rest of the recipe faithfully. I had whole walnuts, and debated chopping them or crushing them in a bag but ended up putting them into an old coffee grinder. It was good that I did, because the ground walnuts added a lovely creamy texture to the stew. Also, fenugreek is tough to find at normal grocery stores but you can find it called methi in Indian markets.

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