I’ve had better

I like to believe that any done run is a good run, but today’s run… well, it sucked.  I shouldn’t be surprised, really; I was out late last night drinking beer and eating wings and pizza and watching football with friends and I can’t imagine that did much for my athletic performance today. My foot still hurts (damn it) and my guts were aching.  After a mile I was ready to give up running forever, and I took several walking breaks.  But I hung in there and finished the 3 miles, and used how awful running was in that moment to drop 30 seconds off my first mile pace in the last mile– just because I wanted it to be over as quickly as possible.

On the plus side, though I found a route that is mostly flat! (Full of traffic and lookie-loos, but flat.)  And an extremely elderly man nearly hit me while pulling out of the parking lot of a assisted-living facility (gesturing emphatically as I gave him a dirty look), but that’s neither here nor there, I guess.

I had laced my left shoe loosely to avoid Dead Foot but then my heel was slipping out of my shoe going up a hill– is there anything worse?– so I stopped and tightened the lace and my foot promptly fell asleep.  And oh, how I did rage.

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