That’s better.

Interval day! After my cruddy run yesterday I wasn’t looking forward to this. And to top it off, when I went to the gym I found that all the treadmills had been unplugged and the gym staff were doing something weird in the cardio room, moving all the machines. Luckily they were wrapping up, and they kindly plugged a treadmill in for me so I could start my workout while they were finishing lugging equipment around.

I warmed up for half a mile, stretched, then did 5 400m intervals with 400m recovery in between. It was tough (I am not used to running ~9:14. Not at all.) but the intervals were short enough that I just had to and then I could relax again and it was okay. At the end I cooled down and stretched and felt pretty good about what I just did!

My foot was fine (it even stayed awake for most of the workout!) but on the OTHER foot I wound up with a monster blister on my big toe. It figures… and I’m supposed to run 3 more miles tomorrow, that ought to be fun. I think the moral of the story is that I need to invest in some decent socks. I only have 2 pairs of "good" socks so I was saving them for later in the week and wearing bunchy ones. Learned my lesson, this time.

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2 Responses to That’s better.

  1. trueindigo says:

    Well done on those intervals

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