Rest and recovery

Rest day! Okay, not exactly. I still went to the gym with J and lifted weights, if somewhat quickly. I compressed the list to my standard chunk of dumbbell lifts (bicep curls, pec flys, tricep kickbacks, bent-over rows), a couple sets of bench presses, good-mornings, and some quick squats with a kettlebell.

After that, I grabbed a foam roller, rolled my legs out, and stretched really well. I’m just sore all over! Tomorrow I might not do my prescribed 3 miles and go to yoga class instead and get the 5 miler done on Saturday.

I’ve been at this whole running thing for a relatively short time, but one thing I’ve found is that just about everything makes a difference when you’re trying to recover. Remember the problems I’ve had with my possibly-metatarsally-stress-fractured left foot? It seems to have mostly cleared up after one change: sleeping on my back rather than lying on my side, with that foot on the bottom. Now, I hate sleeping on my back. If I can curl up on my side, I’ll fall asleep in seconds, but falling asleep lying on my back takes what feels like forever. But it’s worth it! I had to give up on heavy blankets too– having my feet weighted down was shortening the muscles in the backs of my legs and the tightness was pulling on my arches. It sounds incredibly kooky, but hey, whatever works…

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