Tempo run day! I think I set the tempo of my tempo a little too high– I only just made it to the end of the fast run part and then sort of petered out. Let that be a lesson to me: next time set a tough but sustainable pace.

I don’t feel very good today anyway, so that could be part of it as well. I feel like the people who design training regimens several months long need to allow for periods in there. It’s hard to dig deep and train hard when I’m already in pain from my uterus wreaking havoc on just about every part of my system.

Fat hate is a part of everyday life; it’s hard to avoid and hard to ignore once you start paying attention. But today I’m glad I was paying attention, because I saw something pretty cool happen. I have this one coworker who I nickname Captain Microaggression; he seems nice enough but periodically drops really casual bullshit– never quite enough to speak up about, but enough to sting.

Today we had a king cake in the office (it is Mardi Gras, after all) and he asked if I had some. I replied no (I was going to have some after lunch) and I watched him start to ask me if I was ‘cutting back’ (he nearly said it a couple times) but then he stopped, gathered his thoughts, and just asked why not. I told him I was waiting until after lunch, and he said he was doing the same. Non-judginess! About a fat woman having cake! It was a miracle.

I’m not ready to re-nickname him yet, but maybe it’s a step in the right direction.

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