The things I call “fun”

Today was a 5 miler, and I plotted out a new route that had sidewalks— hooray!  A good chunk was along one of the busiest thoroughfares in the county, and I had to stop plenty for driveways and stoplights and not getting hit by turning cars (it’s always BMWs, isn’t it) but it wasn’t so bad.

Someday I’ll figure out how to dress for the weather, or at least learn how to regulate my temperature. It’s about 35 out, cloudy, a little breezy, so I put on my normal cold-weather kit: tights, shorts, a lightweight long sleeved half-zip tech base layer, and a fleece jacket, plus a headband and light gloves.  The gloves came off within 5 minutes, and the headband by 15.  (Jacket has pockets, thank goodness.)  By the end of the second mile I wanted to take off everything; I was dripping.  Around 3 miles, though, the wind picked up and I was cold again– then by 4 I just didn’t care.  And once I hit 5 miles and stopped running and walked to cool down my wet clothes just chilled me and I had to hurry back, shivering.

I run because I think it’s pretty darn fun.  (Maybe not when I’m in the thick of a tough run, but in general.)  I like strenuous exercise, and pushing my limits makes me feel like a badass.  But it’s not for everyone, and that’s something I have to remember and constantly check myself about; not everyone likes exercise.  Regardless, I want to make sure there’s a space for every person who wants to exercise– I want them to be accommodated and comfortable and free of prejudice while doing whatever activity they enjoy.

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