I like intervals.

On today’s schedule: 6x400m intervals. Intervals aren’t so bad! I ran an easy mile to warm up, then attacked them. It went okay– however, even though I used the restroom before I went to run I found myself needing to take a potty break between intervals 3 and 4. Too much last-minute water, I guess.

I was supposed to do 3 miles yesterday. I made excuses all day– in the morning it was too cold (it was 18 degrees) and then I had stuff to do and then around 3pm it was warmer but my motivation had left the building by that point, then it was about to get dark… So I skipped my run and felt cruddy about it. Like, really cruddy– I moped around over it. Well… actually, I’m not sure what led what– if I felt awful because I skipped the run, or if I didn’t get the motivation to run because I felt awful. Either way, I was a mopey mess.

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