Home-cooked meals

And another 3 miles this morning. This one was notable for a good pace and no stops for walking or water. I am pleased about that! After the run I took the time to do some nice stretching– and boy, did I need it! My hips are tight at the best of times but all this running has done a number on my hips and hamstrings. Theoretically if my hips open up more it can help increase my stride length (mine’s pretty short) and help me run faster (and I’m pretty slow), but I’m not sure how I’m going to get there. Time to do some reading…

I’ve put about 90 miles on my shoes (yes, I keep track, thanks nike+) and that’s enough that I’m starting to think about looking for another pair– especially since these cause me some aggravation. I have a line of blisters down the inside of the ball of my foot– I think the base of the shoe isn’t wide enough, and my foot hangs off a bit and the edge of the insole rubs. There’s always something, right? Someday I’ll find a pair of shoes that I love enough to buy two pairs in a row.

To sustain the kind of activity I do, I worry some about what I eat. I try to eat lots of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and plenty of protein. Luckily, I like to cook! My partner and I alternate days cooking dinner, and it works out pretty well. However… sometimes my partner cooks out of boxes– hamburger helper, shake n bake, green bean casserole. The food is delicious– but full of salt (alas, I am sensitive to it and swell up if I have too much) and sometimes I feel like it’s really on the thin edge of what constitutes "food"? I’m definitely just being a snob about it, since maybe I’d feel better if the hamburger helper sauce was made from scratch instead of coming from a packet. Regardless, I’m still happy that he does half the cooking, and I try not to give him a hard time.

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