A full complement of lifts

Hooray, it’s Thursday! J and I went to the gym and I did all the lifts. Not all of them were at their old weights or reps, but I did get everything in. Usually I’m alone in the free weight room, but today there were lots of people working out in there– I had to share the racks and benches. Not that I mind, of course.

There’s one guy that I see in the gym occasionally who is obviously a serious lifter– he’s built and he loads a ridiculous amount of weight onto the bars. Today our workouts collided, and I was a little weird because here is this super-serious guy and I ought to let him do his thing right? He was really nice though, and courteously asked if I was done with equipment when he was ready to use it. I appreciated his being welcoming.

Of course, I was the only woman in the free weight room, so there was plenty of rude staring from the dudes. You’d think I was benching cars or something.

My running training is ramping up a bit– tomorrow calls for 4 miles instead of 3, and Saturday is a whopping 6 miles. I’m somewhat unsure how I’m going to handle it, but we’ll see how it goes.

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