4 miles in new tights

Today’s hurdle was 4 miles, and I was surprised to find that I finished it quite easily. I set a very slow-for-me pace– it took me just under 54 minutes to finish– and took two short walking breaks to gulp some water. But I didn’t feel any particular ill effects (aside from more blisters), despite being really sore from my lifting yesterday. (The back of my body from my knees to my neck is completely wrecked. I need a massage.) Hopefully I still feel okay tomorrow, when I have to tackle 6 miles. (Only 2 more, right? No problem…)

Now that I’m in the gym all the damn time, I”ve been running low on workout clothing as the week goes on. I went to find a new pair of capris to run in, but all they had at the store were tights. I was apprehensive, but they fit okay and I bought a pair. Today they were all I had left, so I packed them up and put them on at the gym, along with my one remaining clean tech top. It was… a close-fitting look, let’s say. I wasn’t so sure about it– my experience with my fat body at the gym hasn’t always been positive. I had brought a pair of shorts to wear over the tights if I just felt too self-conscious, but I decided to just suck it up and wear the tights alone. I actually really liked running in them– no bunchy fabric or wedgies! I’m pretty sure I got some side-eye, but nothing major.

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