New record!

I put off Saturday’s 6 miler for today, since the weather was poopy yesterday.  Today was a beautiful day though, sunny and warm!  I managed to wear suitable clothing for once– tights, shorts, long-sleeved base layer and tshirt was perfect in the breezy 50 degree weather.  When the wind blew, I just pulled my sleeves over my hands.

For some reason I was awfully anxious about today’s run– as I was getting dressed I was all jittery and my stomach hurt and I was shaky and nervous.  It didn’t last, thankfully.

I charted a course on Google maps and carefully checked the street view for sidewalks.  It was a complicated route, and I wrote directions on a piece of paper that I took with me.  Unfortunately I missed writing down a turn and wound up making a major detour that changed it from 6ish to nearly 8 miles– and took me along a bit of major road without sidewalks (I didn’t want that kind of excitement today).  I had my phone GPS running though and it told me when the 6 miles was up.  I kept running for 6.5 and then walked the rest of the way home.

Still, 6.5 miles! It wasn’t fast, 1:33 (though I bet 5-10 minutes of that was waiting at stoplights).  But it’s something to be excited about, since that’s the farthest I’ve gone. :)  It was a pleasant surprise to hear the voice say “Congratulations, that was your fastest 10k ever!”  10k, hee.

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