Big tub o’ guts

I’m shuffling my workouts around a bit this week, and I did the 35 minute tempo run today instead of yesterday. It went well enough, but I probably pushed a bit harder than I should have.

Yesterday I had an unpleasant GI episode. Something caused my guts to blow up like a balloon, leaving me massively bloated and in pain. It’s much better today, but all that running and jostling didn’t really help. I made it through the fast part of the tempo run but in the last 10 minutes I had to stop and walk a couple times and wait for my bowels to settle down. Fun times!

I suspect it’s some kind of food sensitivity or allergy. I hate to self-diagnose, but foods that have triggered this kind of bloating in the past include noodles, pizza, pasta, and sandwiches, and I can’t help but connect the dots… I think I will eat carefully for a while.

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2 Responses to Big tub o’ guts

  1. tucking_fwit says:

    you may be gluten sensitive or have IBS. lots of people have this and many have found that by cutting down on processed white carbs and wheat their symptoms have improved/disappeared. by the way find your blog fun.

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