Wrapping up February

My schedule got all mixed up this week but I think after today I’ll be back to normal. I’ve run 54 miles this month– not bad for such a short month. :)

Today was a 3 mile day and it went surprisingly well. I finished it in 37:15, which is pretty good for me– normally it’s more like 39ish. I’m not sure what happened today, but I started fast and had the idea "why don’t I just push myself and do the whole darn thing fast?" and it stuck. I also found it within myself to do a good kick at the end. I like being able to kick– I feel like a badass when I do! But I need to learn how much I have in the tank and ration it out better through the entire run.

On Saturday I’m supposed to do a "5k test" for my training plan. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that. The course for the race I’m probably going to run in a month is very hilly– in the forest trail way, not in the gently sloping road way. I can approximate on the still-hilly roads, or I can go out into the woods where the hills are even steeper than the race course and try to gut it out.

Some hill work wouldn’t be a bad thing to incorporate into my training. I am bad at hills…

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