Rest day? What rest day?

Since I wasn’t supposed to run today in preparation for my 5k test tomorrow, I thought I’d use the opportunity to attend the Friday yoga class I haven’t been to in a while.

That wasn’t really the best idea.

The instructor had just gotten back from a couple weeks in India learning about Kundalini yoga and she was ready to teach us about it. So, we spent the first 10 minutes of the class doing essentially leg crunches towards enlightenment. I don’t know about enlightenment, but now I have extremely unhappy hip flexors and I NEED THOSE. I need those and now they’re going to be sore and I am not pleased.

The rest of the class was pretty average, some work around the warrior series, nothing too exciting. Lots of quad-burning since she goes so slow. (Quads are also something I need tomorrow.) I think she teaches the class for people who want more strength, or she assumes that we all don’t do any strength training so she includes lots of strength poses. But I really wanted a class to help me stretch and relax and open up my muscles, not beat the snot out of my quads and hips.

Also, I am eating my lunch 2 hours late and I am hungry and cranky. It’s hard for me to tell how much shakiness is from tired muscles, and how much is from low blood sugar…

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