Too stubborn for my own good

I’m composing this post while lying on the couch, heating pad over my hips, waiting for the second Tylenol-3 of the day to kick in. (On second thought, might not be the best time to start a blog post! But I will soldier on.)

This entire weekend I have been pretty much immobilized. I can shuffle around, but only hunched over– I can’t stand up straight, standing from sitting is very painful, and lifting up my legs while sitting or lying is excruciating. My hip flexors are shot, and my lower back isn’t feeling good either.

I have a lot of feels about blame. I feel the yoga instructor wasn’t paying attention to the well-being of her students, in her excitement to show us a new thing she’d learned. But I also know that I did this to myself. I pushed way beyond what my body could do, out of stubbornness and self-consciousness. I didn’t want to be the weak one in class. And I do have the ability to hurt myself by not being mindful. I am stubborn and my pain tolerance is high. I didn’t listen to my body and now it is making sure I get the message.

I hope I can get back to my training soon. It may be a few days yet.

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3 Responses to Too stubborn for my own good

  1. Sam B says:

    Sounds awful. Hang in there.

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