Running my feels away

Today it was finally time to brave running again. (Thank goodness. I was going a little crazy.) I kept it short, 30 minutes, 2.5 miles. It went pretty well– I had lots of energy but my hips and left knee were a little twingey. (I adjusted my stride a little to quiet my hips– I had been swinging them around a bit to stretch them– and the knee felt better.) I feel much improved after a good workout! But, between my hips and my impending doom period my lower abdomen is just unsettled. Everything in there is unhappy and I can’t tell what’s causing it because it’s all mixed up.

In the past I struggled with nasty PMDD, which interfaced with my bipolar disorder in terrible ways. (A week of dysphoric mania every month? No fun.) The last few years it’s mostly settled down; I’m sure that starting to exercise helped me to burn off some of the excess feels. (I know not everyone who struggles with mental health issues has the spoons to exercise, but it did help me a lot.) But this last week, during my injury-mandated break, it’s flared up again. Just another reason I’m very happy to be getting back to my routine…

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