A day in the life

I had to come in early to get it done, thanks to people who schedule meetings over my gym time, but today’s run was 3 miles in 37:00. Hey, that’s not bad! I think the time constraints lit a fire under my butt.

Speaking of time, I’m always thinking about if there’s a better way to arrange my life to let me fit more in. Because I am a big nerd, I mapped a "typical day" out in my calendar and looked at it. (Today was not a typical day– I was in at 7. Bleh.) My gym time is sort of constrained; since J comes with me T/Th and he can go at 9:20, that’s when I normally go. Other days when it’s just me, I’ll head down a little earlier. Moral of the story: yeah, there’s just a whole lot of stuff there. Commuting sucks. It feels like I’m at the office forever, but it’s my own fault because gym.

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