Epic blisters, indeed

Today was an easy peasy 3 mile day. Since when did I start thinking of these runs as easy? I mean, in the training plan they’re not supposed to be hard runs, but I’d never gotten to the point where I could bang out 3 solid miles and it just feels routine. I finished in 37 minutes, not setting any speed records but I’m still plenty happy.

However! My stupid foot is still giving me grief. These blisters just keep getting worse, and I thought they’d have time to heal over the week I didn’t run much but instead they’ve come back with a vengeance. And I’m altering my stride to take pressure off the toe, which is making my arch hurt… Just NO.

I’m including a picture, mostly because my foot is a fascinating, if sort of gross, trainwreck right now. What a mess! See why I call them epic? Any tips for avoiding/healing are welcome…


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7 Responses to Epic blisters, indeed

  1. Kristina says:

    I know this is kinda gross, but…whenever I get a blister, I make a tiny hole in it (with a needle or something – that I’ve sanitized with some rubbing alcohol or iodine or something.) and drain the fluid. They usually heal overnight when I do that. Max like 2 days. Even the epic one I got on the ball of my foot from walking a bunch with heels on.

    That said, the white color of those are really strange. The fluid in them should be clear. If it’s not clear, I’d see a dr.

  2. It may not be anything new to you, but the advice I was given about blisters is not to wear cotton socks.

    • G says:

      Cotton socks are evil! Unfortunately it’s been a while since I’ve run in anything but fancy socks, so I can’t blame the blisters on cotton :(

  3. triMATHlete says:

    I’ve heard that if you wear knee high nylons under your socks, it stops the blisters. I have no idea if it works as well for running as for hiking, but it seems to help me some.

    In the last year and a half, I’ve trained for and completed two sprint triathlons. I have not lost a single pound, and I weigh about 120 lbs more than the maximum “healthy” for my height. I have gone down 4 pant sizes – certainly because of trading fat for muscle – but my weight has stayed exactly steady and I am well aware that I will never be thin. As I learn to run, “running while fat” is what I am experiencing. I admire what you do each day, and I appreciate your example of being fit even when you do not fit a stereotype of a more typical athele. Thank you.

    • G says:

      Nylons, eh? Can’t hurt to check out! And thank you for the kind words– best of luck to you on your fitness journey! I would love to try a tri (heh).

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