New plan

Well, on Mondays I work at home and so I get my run in outside.  Today, unfortunately, was cold and drizzly– pretty much the worst– but I did want to get my run in since I hadn’t run over the weekend. I had to drive to a dentist appointment after I finished with work, and my dentist is a couple miles down the road from my work/gym, and that gave me an idea!  So, I packed up my bag and went over to the gym after having my teeth cleaned and banged out 3 miles.  My legs must’ve been Monday fresh– it felt almost easy, despite taking a decent pace.  How did this happen, when did 3 miles start to feel easy?

The crowd was much different in the afternoon, younger and less focused.  I think I must’ve been something of a curiosity– I got lots of strange looks.  (Perhaps they were dazzled by my newly cleaned teeth!)

I also talked to my mom today, who told me about her Dr Oz-promoted 3 day smoothie cleanse (“I lost 4 pounds in 2 days!” “I bet it was mostly water and poop!”)  She’s stuck at home with a busted knee and watches cruddy TV and every time I talk to her she’s got some new diet fad thing (mostly from Dr Oz).  I mean– if she wants to waste money on it, she’s a grownup, it’s her money.  I just don’t want to hear about it (or worse, get asked for a scientific “endorsement” for it– I’m sure that’ll go well, like the time I had to explain why homeopathy is garbage).  It’s just sad, and I know there’s nothing I can do.

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