Sort of fail

Less than 15 hours after my previous workout (though with a crappy night of sleep) I headed back to the gym for a 40 minute tempo run. It did not go as planned. I didn’t have much in the tank, and my tired legs didn’t want to move. In the end, I managed 35 minutes but my 15 minutes of tempo pace was barely faster than what I sustained for the 3 miles yesterday. It wasn’t very good.

I just feel worn out overall. I think the best way to describe my life right now is “ten pounds of shit in a five-pound bag”. I hit the ground running and don’t stop until I climb into bed at night. Around here, people subscribe to the cult of busy but honestly, I hate it. It is not my preferred way of living.

Yesterday I worked, then went to the dentist, then had to get new wiper blades, then went to the gym, and finally around 6:30 (after an hour in traffic– I am so happy I don’t have to make that commute anymore) I got home and it was my turn to cook dinner, plus start laundry. Once dinner was ready we sat down at the TV with our food and started to watch an episode of Top Gear and I finished eating and got up to do something and my partner said, “Nooooo! Sit down and finish the episode! Sit. Relax.” So I did… then I got up to do more laundry and start folding and putting things away and then it was bedtime but laundry wasn’t done yet and there was lunch to put together and gym bag to pack and and and. Thank goodness my partner is good about helping out (we split cooking and cleaning, and each do our own laundry). How in the world do people with kids pull this off? I can barely take care of myself.

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