I runned.

Simple 3 mile day. I was a little worried, given how awful yesterday was, but it turned out okay. My legs are still a bit tired, though.

You know how when you start a training plan, you’re like “WOO! This is awesome!” and then the novelty wears off and you sort of habituate and then you get to a point where you start to hate it and want to quit? Guess which phase I’ve reached. I only have 2 weeks go to until the race, and this last week before taper is a bunch of long runs (5 miles, 7 miles, 5 miles fast, 7 miles…) and I just don’t want to do it. My enthusiasm is nowhere to be found.

I’m making a solid effort to go to bed earlier to try to shake this persistent weariness. Yesterday we went out to dinner and grocery shopped and got home around 8:30 and the plan was to do the bare minimum around the house and get into bed as early as possible. Well, we put the groceries away and I washed my breakfast stuff and my partner ground and set up the coffee for the morning, and somehow I still wasn’t in bed until nearly 10. How am I so slow? I need to start timing my take out contacts/wash face/floss and brush teeth routine and see just how long it really takes. At least I slept well.

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2 Responses to I runned.

  1. I’m the WORST at following training plans. No matter how keyed up I am at the beginning I always drop it at some point and do what feels right for me. Which sometimes doesn’t invovle getting out of bed in the morning to run. :) Don’t be too hard on yourself — life gets in the way sometimes, as long as you keep running, you’re good!

    • G says:

      While I do agree with cutting ourselves some slack now and again, I think that we get out of a training plan what we put in, too. Plus I’m pretty stubborn. :) But the only person I have to beat in this race is myself, and working hard is the best way to make that happen.

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