Nice workout

I went to the gym with J to do my once-a-week weightlifting. It was a nice break from running!

I shared the weight room with a man I run into often at the gym, and I asked if he was done with the bench after he did a couple sets. He said he was finished, and offered to leave the 45lb plates on the bar for me. I had a good laugh at that one! Maybe someday. I did two sets at 100lb and that was quite enough, thanks.

You might think, with all the running I’ve been doing, that my legs would stay strong. Alas, they have not– the quad/hamstring machines kicked my butt, even with less weight on them. I guess that makes sense; when I’m running I’m just moving myself, and theoretically with as little effort as possible, right? It’s not really a
strength-building exercise, after enough strength is developed to get me there.

Hopefully I’ll achieve my goal for today, which was to get a nice upper body/core workout without overdoing it and being awfully sore tomorrow for the 5 miler. I won’t know until tomorrow…

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