All the intervals

I’m back at the office today, complete with gym access. (Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am to have an on-site gym? SO LUCKY.) So I was able to get back on my training schedule, independent of weather.

The race is about a week and a half away, and this second-to-last week is the toughest workouts. Today was 8x400m intervals. That’s a lot of intervals! Since I run about half a mile to warm up, then 400m fast, 400m recovery it comes out to a little over 4 miles. That’s plenty.

Usually intervals keep me entertained, but today’s were a drag. I am sick of treadmills and sick of morning TV. I need to start running outside again– I won’t have time to on Wednesday, but maybe on Friday I can sneak out and scout the 5k route.

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