Wrapping up March

I capped off March with a 7 miler, for a grand total of 50.7 miles this month!  That’s a streak of 2 50+ mile months in a row.  I’m not sure about April, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’m actually tremendously pleased with my run today.  Not only is it the longest I’ve ever gone, but I set a nice pace– I ran the 7 miles in just a couple minutes more than the 6 miler I ran last month!  (I set a goal halfway through: just be faster than 13:30.  I ended with 13:29.)  The route was rolling hills; I wasn’t shy about just walking up the big, steep ones but I was more aggressive on the downhill parts and I think I made up some speed there.  I’ve always been sort of scared to run too fast down hills? That’s a habit I should break, at least to the limit of what my feet and legs can handle.

The first half of the route I chose was along one of the busiest roads in the county, an 8-lane divided highway with lots of strip malls alongside.  It worked out pretty well– there was plenty to keep track of (like not getting hit by turning cars) so it was pretty engaging (if life-threatening).

I came home to find out that my partner’s parents want to take us out for sushi tonight.  I laughed and said that they might want to reconsider; I get the feeling I’ll be wanting a lot of sushi…

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