Still tapering

Today was theoretically the last pre-race run on my plan. However, the race has been moved from Friday to Monday because of inclement weather, so I’m going to have to bridge the gap somehow. I’ll probably run on Friday, maybe 3 miles outside, and take the weekend off. The race shirts came in, though! They are "safety yellow" and the same style I hated last year, so there will be surgery. I hope I can recruit some friends to gussy up the shirt with puffy paint and glitter and streamers…

My run for today was an easy peasy 2 miles. I ran it at a solid not-quite-tempo pace and it worked out fine. I guess I’m not so sure about this tapering idea– it’s supposed to be a little less than usual, right? But I can’t do a short run and not push it faster, there’s a conservation of energy thing going on. Now I just have to find another mile at that pace and I’ll rock the race. :)

My partner’s dad is in his late 50s and is a devotee of the P90X program. Cool, whatever floats his boat, right? But as we were riding in the car with him to the Easter shindig he talked about all the ways he’s hurt himself with it– he’s messed up his elbow, his knee, his shoulder… All that talk about loud cracking noises and pain coming from joints makes me want to suggest that his upcoming birthday present ought to be a few sessions with a personal trainer…

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