Class questions

For the first Tuesday in what seems like forever, I got to lift! I’m happy to be back on my non-race-training schedule, but I think I’ll have to cobble together a new program. Mine’s gotten a bit stale. I’ll probably spend some time poring over and get some novel exercises in and ensure that I’m hitting the things I want to hit.

I might (big MIGHT here) also start attending a class or two a week at the gym. I was speaking with another runner yesterday after the race, and she asked if I had taken any of the gym’s classes, and she said she loved their kettlebell class– it was a good mix of strength and cardio, and the intensity was high ("It kicks my butt every week").

I’ve always been leery of group exercise. Not only is there the potential for lots of body shaming and weight-loss talk, but I find myself feeling annoyingly competitive and will push myself farther than I should to "keep up". (Remember that hip thing in yoga class? Yeah.) But I figure I might as well give it a try, at least once, with permission to quit if it’s awful. (Hopefully the instructor doesn’t hit any of my exercise myth hot buttons like spot reduction or ‘lower abs’…)

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