A letter to my local running store

Dear Local Running Store,

I’m hurt.  No, not in the plantar fasciitis or sore quads way, nothing you can sell me a doohickey to fix.  I just wonder: what will it take for you to treat me like a Real Runner?

I came in a month ago, with a race looming and a pair of nearly-dead running shoes on my feet.  I bought those shoes at your store.  I bought other things there too on other trips, sports bras and a water bottle and insoles and a little pouch for my Nike+ sensor.

When I came in to buy that last pair of shoes, I felt welcomed.  It was wonderful.  The saleswoman brought me some shoes and let me run around to try them out– and I felt legitimate, like I was just any runner coming in to buy new shoes.

Last month, I didn’t get such a warm welcome.  The saleswoman– the same saleswoman, actually– didn’t want to help me at all.  You had no shoes for me, and you said you’d get some for me to try and call me when they came but you never called.

It’s not the first time this has happened.  The last local running store I went to– one of your competitors– I visited that store 3 times, and no one wanted to sell me a pair of shoes.  I thought you were better than that? (I told everyone you were better.)

I have new shoes now; I ordered them on the internet.  I would rather support local business, but then you have to be willing to sell me stuff.

I’m a fat runner.  Is that it? (I hope it’s not it.)  Your store had lots of people in it that day, but none of them looked like me.  It was really nice when I felt accepted and normal in your store, just one runner among many.  But I didn’t get that the last time I came in.

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