Legs Plus

I’m still adjusting my lifting schedule– I had planned to do a light upper body day and focus on lower body today, but I really didn’t have time for it much upper body work. I threw a couple sets of upright rows* in between sets of squats, but that was all!

I was wrestling the Manta Ray onto the squats bar (I like it, plus my lower neck hurts) and J asked, “What is that thing?” So I explained it. There’s so much weird, specialized equipment associated with weight lifting; no wonder people find it intimidating.

I was a little less hard on myself this time than last; until I can condense enough to get 2 days in a week of lifts (to build up a tolerance so DOMS doesn’t floor me every time) I need to lift lighter.

I finished the workout with 0.5mi on the treadmill at 10:00 pace, fast for me. I’ll get a proper long run in tomorrow, but the little one felt like a nice way to sort everything out.

* Upright rows are great! But the advice on form says to lift close to the chest– nope, boobs in the way. Sigh.

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4 Responses to Legs Plus

  1. gaayathri says:

    If you are aiming to squat with good form then the bar should not be on your neck at all. Ideally the bar should sit across your traps with your hands as close to your shoulders as your flexibility level allows. Placing the bar on your neck has a tendency to result in a craned neck position as your chest comes forward in the lift which can lead to injury.

    Also yeah I think someone needs to put out a guide for lifting for people who have boobs lol.

    • G says:

      You’re totally right about that. I think I do have the bar placed correctly though, I just didn’t know what to call the area that hurts! I called it lower neck but it’s on my centerline about even with the tops of my traps. It doesn’t flex when my neck does so I shouldn’t have called it neck.

  2. triMATHlete says:

    What is a Manta Ray? Could you post a picture or a link to explain it?

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