Carrots, not sticks

I like to run, but timing is everything some days.  If I wait until the afternoon to go, I have an awful habit of wanting to ditch the run altogether.  In the morning I am full of energy, but after lunchtime it’s very easy to just say, “Oh, today’s planned workout… don’t really feel like it.  Meh.”  I don’t like to use the word lazy (it’s piled high with negative connotation and bad memories for me); we’ll call it lacking inertia.

There is a trick I love to use, though: If there’s something else I really want to do that day– there usually is, right?– I can say to myself, “Self, after your run you can do that Cool Thing*.”  Obviously I’m a grown woman and I can do that Cool Thing anytime I want, damnit. But somehow allowing myself something fun after I accomplish something I’d rather put off works really well– I get stuff done, and can enjoy fun things without guilt over skipping.  Win-win!

Oh, right– about the run! It was a solid 40 minutes and just under 3 miles– intentionally slow and steady over a hilly route.  Trying to re-learn my pacing and get back in the habit of running evenly, rather than going too fast and then feeling like I want to take walking breaks and keel over going up hills.

*Today’s Cool Thing is a video game.  I like video games! Do you?

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2 Responses to Carrots, not sticks

  1. Christina says:

    That’s a good idea! Nice to have a reward to look forward to.

  2. Hehe I’m going to try this. I always try to dump my afternoon workout!

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