Laundry list of lifting

Late, quick workout update today– it’s been a busy day and I almost forgot to write. I went to the gym today alone– no J, he was out– so I could do whatever I liked. I tried to find a good mix of upper- and lower-body stuff that didn’t take too long. (That’s the holy grail, isn’t it? I can fill the whole time with upper or lower very easily.) Here it is:

Bicep curls x 15 @ 25lb, both sides
Pec fly x 15 @ 25lb in each hand
Tricep extension x 15 @ 12.5lb, both sides * New! (was kickbacks) Rough on my elbows though.
Bent-over rows x 15 @ 30lb, both sides
Bench press x 10, 6 @ 105lb
Squat x 10 x 2 @ 70lb
Bent-knee good morning x 20 @ 45lb
Close-grip incline bench x 15 @ 55lb
Upright row x 15 @ 55lb
Leg press x 20 @ 160lb
Calf press x 20 @ 160lb
Crunch on ball x 50 with 9lb medicine ball held above head
Hip extension x 15 @"13", both sides
Lat pulldown x 15 @ 70lb
Russian twist x 20 with 30lb kettlebell, alternating sides

And after all that I went to stretch. Got some nice low lunges in for my hips as well as a quad stretch that in my head I like to call "King Low Lunge" for its similarity to King Pigeon pose, with the back leg held and the other arm reaching up. I’m sure it has a proper name, but I haven’t looked it up…

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