Good Day Sunshine

It is SO NICE OUTSIDE. Moderately warm, not a cloud in the sky, light breeze. Naturally I had to run outside! I explored a different way today, through a city neighborhood with gently rolling, narrow, tree-lined streets and houses with heaps of blooming flowers in their front yards. It was such a pleasant run– definitely adding that route to the permanent rotation!

I got sunburned though. How does one get sunburned after being outside for 40 minutes? Welcome to my life. In the winter, my skin color is somewhere between "wallpaper paste" and "peeled potato". Hopefully I’ll build up a base tan soon. Adding to the misery, my nose is tender (thanks allergies) and my sweat stung awfully.

I’m changing focus a bit with my running regime. When I was training for the 5k I was focused on speed, and I found that my long-term pace was better when I ran quickly and took a few walking breaks (I’d recover in a short time, then I could run fast again). I didn’t really like doing that though. So, now that I don’t need to work on fast, I want to work on steady endurance. I run for time, and tell myself I can go as slowly as I need to so long as I don’t walk. Today was 35 minutes, and my pace turned out about 13:00. Nothing impressive, but solid and hopefully I can build on that.

My shoes are turning out to be good, once I get used to them. They do rub oddly inside my left heel though– such a weird and soft place to get a blister! I swear, I just cannot shoes. Argh.

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