A special kind of torture

Today is a lifting day but I’m at home– no gym with heavy things to lift.  So I figured I might as well lift the heavy thing I had handiest here: myself!  (I had a pair of 5lb dumbbells, a 15lb dumbbell and an exercise ball to work with as well.)

It’s funny, because initially I said “psh, bodyweight exercises” but I actually found today’s workout very challenging.  Since I apparently can’t do more than 3 pushups now without collapsing in a heap (what happened to my pushup challenge) I did sets of half-pushups, along with crunches on the ball, those walking-lunge things I see all the trainers tormenting clients with, squats, planks, tricep extensions, Russian twists… and these, which only served to remind me that I am weak and pitiful.  (In other words, they were very effective.)  I really ought to work on my core more; I think I’m going to integrate those mountain climbers into my normal gym workout because 1) they’re kind of fun; and 2) they kick my ass.

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