Fun run

Happy Friday! Today I headed out for another run in the beautiful spring weather. I planned on 40 minutes, but by the time I finished that I had gone 3.06mi so I thought, why not just make it an even 5k– so 3.11mi in 40:45.

Why would I use the treadmill when it’s this lovely outside! I’ll save that for the summer when it’s 95 degrees and a zillion percent humidity. But until then I’m running outside, allergies be damned.

Usually I don’t have to deal with idiots out there but today, for the first time ever I found myself giving someone the finger. After my run, I was crossing the 5-lane, 30mph road across from my work (against the light; I am not totally without fault here). The road was empty– but then I see a Corvette a block away turn onto the road and GUN IT towards me while I was in the middle of the intersection. I broke into a run to not get hit, while flipping the bird. After I evaded him, he slowed down to the speed limit and continued on. Oy.

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