Happy Monday!

This week is a flexible week– J is out so I have no constraints on my schedule, other than awkwardly-timed meetings. Which is what happened today. But I came in to work a couple hours early and went to the gym right away to get my lift on (lifting on a Monday! living on the edge!)

Today’s session could’ve sucked. There were two dudes in there doing a zillion sets of like 3 reps apiece with heavy weights on the bench and squat rack. I did my barbell stuff to warm up and they showed no sign of finishing soon, so finally I asked if I could work in– which they were fine with.

And they were really nice, even making chit-chat and just acting normal. So that was cool. One of them called me ‘brave’ for doing good mornings (apparently Bruce Lee messed up his back doing them? I didn’t know. But I figure the best way to not mess up my back is to have a strong back!) Anyway, I was really pleased at the way this morning turned out– I lifted nice and heavy and had a positive gym time and it’s put a big smile on my face.

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1 Response to Happy Monday!

  1. Caitlin says:

    I’ve generally had good experiences with dudes in the weight room. Even ones who are hogging the equipment have been polite about it when asked to accommodate me. It makes me sad when I hear about women who have bad experiences with guys in the weight room, because those jerks ruin it for everyone.

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