Hip focus

My back is twingey and sore (kind of ironic, given my last post) so I rested yesterday and today went back to the gym to lift– carefully avoiding any back stress. That’s pretty tough! I wanted to do a legs day, and I skipped squats obviously but did plenty of presses and curls and extensions.

After I decided to focus in on my hips– they always give me trouble, so I’ve been wanting to strengthen them. There’s so much going on in that area, so many big and muscles working together– it’s complicated. I tried hip extensions and abductions using the cable machine, and did some of the torturous bits from the Oregon Stability Project program I linked a few posts back (clamshells both ways and the "Jane Fonda"). I realize now that I mostly missed my hip flexors… next time I guess. (Probably better for my back.)

I think I’ll be plenty sore anyway.

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