I thought I would be sore this morning, but I was okay! Maybe it’ll hold off and I’ll be sore tomorrow, or even better yet, not at all…
I headed outside for another 35 minute run; this one was almost solid (I stopped to take off my jacket and fix my shoe). It turned out to be 2.75mi, a little more than usual. The weather was gray and chilly and looked like it was going to rain, but after I came back inside the sun came out and it was beautiful. It figures.

My left knee and foot have been bugging me for a while now; it’s not any kind of pain really but occasional weirdness. I’ve wondered if my arch is collapsing, if my shoe’s not supporting me right, all kinds of stuff. But I paid attention today while I ran and I think it actually might be Lazy Foot!

Several years back I fell down some stairs and turned my left foot sideways and it healed eventually but was weak. When I started running it was very sore so I got used to just sort of pulling that foot along, making my right foot do most of the work of pushing off (hence Lazy Foot). I thought I had corrected it a long time ago, but today I noticed I was doing it again, sort of flopping that foot down rather than actively putting it through a full flex-push off cycle. So I’ll have to commit to fixing that. Again.

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