I’ve been itching to go for a run (this weekend was busy yet sedentary and it was driving me nuts) so I went out this morning the first chance I got.  The weather is poopy, gray and showers threatening, so I wanted to beat the rain too.  I dialed 40 minutes in and set out, and finished up running exactly 5k, 3.11mi.  That’s only a few seconds slower than the time of my last race.  Wonder what got into me today!

I spent the weekend at a music festival, which was fantastic, but the venue was all seats so it was too much sitting.  Listening to heavy, complicated, loud music is oddly draining too, and it all combined into me desperately wanting to move.  I did a lot of pacing and flailing and jumping around when I wasn’t listening.

On Friday I went for a massage, my first in many years.  The massage therapist started working on my back and she was so confused– naturally it was a mess and she kept expressing surprise at my muscles and how they were all knotted up.  Finally I lifted my head from the pillow and said, “I lift weights.”  And she said “Oh! Good for you!”  When she got to my legs, she was surprised at the muscles there too, so I explained that I ran as well.  It was a good massage and I felt great after, but I kind of wish the therapist hadn’t been so surprised that I was active… I mean, you’ve got my body under your hands, can’t you see that I use it?

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